Welcome Spring (we hope it’s finally here to stay)…

Welcome all to the nature reserve; human, flora, fauna!

The mosaic welcome sign is up, made from recycled tile, including the letters which are formed of tiny pieces of Victorian china that surface with every dig into the bank of the nectar garden. Sunday was our monthly workday at the reserve. I got stuck into the nectar garden, cutting back a lot of dead perennial structure, digging in seeds and sowing some more with the help of Ben and Lara. I remove some of the alkanet and buttercup but do leave some as they are important nectar forage in the coming weeks. It’s a fine balance, keeping these vigorous natives in check so we have space for other flowers too. I noticed gladly that the patch of nettles that I transplanted from the woodland have taken and are sprouting new growth under the Elder shrub.

The rest of the volunteers worked around the main bit of the site, during the tea break Jeanne spotted a brave yellow brimstone butterfly fluttering along the railway. I hope it found what it was looking for on one of the first Spring-like days in a while.

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