Nectar Garden is go!

Monday was our second week of developing our Nectar Garden at Mortimer Terrace along with a small but dedicated group of local participants. We meet every Monday and in the next few weeks we will be planting and welcoming lots of pollinating insects.

Before we started the sun drenched bank had become overrun with green alkanet, creeping buttercup, burdock and bramble – all good nectar plants but not a good spread of flowering through the seasons. And the nature reserve is covered in these already, so we think we can greatly improve on the diversity in this spot.


And during the second session we’d got to grips with a lot of the weeds. We have left some plants in place; a big clump of lovage, horseradish, lavender, rosemary, yarrow, a teasel. These are the last survivors of the medicinal herb garden that was planted and looked after 10 years ago by Matti:






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