May’s Woodland Wander – Trees!

This is truly my favourite time of year in the woods -nothing quite beats that lush Spring green for me!   So, with the weather as promised – a beautiful day at last!  – what a great opportunity to finally get out in the woods and play!  And catch the last of the bluebells.  A small group of us met and wandered off to play games of “123 where are you?” under the fresh green canopy.

lush green canopy of Spring
twisted and fused hornbeam trunks

Next, we wandered a bit further to play a game of “meet a tree” – one of my favourite games where, in pairs, one partner is blindfolded and guided by the other to a tree, where they feel the bark, shapes and textures of the trunk, then have to find it again when led back to the starting point and un-blindfolded!

Leading on from this game, we began a discussion about trees – are they all the same?  what’s different about them?  Then using leaf i-dials (thank you Woodland Trust’s we tried to identify the trees in Queen’s Wood.  Queen’s Wood is mainly Hornbeam, Oak and Beech, with Cherries, Birch, Hazel, Ash, Rowan, Sycamore, Horse Chestnut, Field Maple, and many more, and an understorey of Holly, Hawthorn and Elder.  We found a few of these and made leaf prints on cloth and bark rubbings with twig frames.

By the way, sorry about the quality of the photos – my phone camera isn’t very good!

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